What is catering?


Catering refers to a service that prepares and provides food for a specific place in advance, such as home, OP(오피)ice, event, banquet, and various gatherings. In other words, it is the concept of a business trip meal or a business trip buffet, and it encompasses everything from providing high-end hotel food to making a group order at a simple sandwich shop and taking out at a specific place and time.

The catering market is growing more and more, with home parties and small-scale food services that can be simply enjoyed in certain places such as homes and OP(오피)ices becoming popular as COVID-19 reduces company dinners and outside activities.

Types of Catering

OP(오피)-Food Catering

OP(오피)-Food Catering services

It’s a song that seeks the customer’s heart

an op-food catering service

The op-food party

The world’s best buffet restaurant, OP(오피)-Food, has the dignity of your special day

It’s a customized service.

From catering to home parties to lunch boxes, anytime, anywhere

Enjoy the variety and deliciousness!

Provides a customized total solution.

a commissioned meal
Efficient and differentiated group meals
Provides services.

School Meal Environment Consulting
A Study on the Interior Know-how of Cafeteria Facilities
Provides systematic consulting.

Food material distribution
Fresh and high-quality food ingredients
Stable supply.

catering / business trip
So that you can have a convenient meal,
From setting to collection, we provide completely.

Four Reasons Why OP(오피)-Food Is Special

Catering, OP(오피)-food

proven food ingredients
Only ingredients that have been directly experienced and verified by 70 strict standards!

Hygiene and safety management
Operate with three levels of systematic management by hygiene safety experts

Eco-friendly brand that supplies fresh products through excellent production areas and designated farms

Delivery system
Fresh and safe delivery to cold chain system until arrival

the field of job recruitment

Manage all human resources and business with partners that occur on the site, and provide special services tailored to the on-site concept to drive customer satisfaction.

We are responsible for menu research and distribution management that takes into account both the taste and nutrition of food, and we are responsible for identifying the health and needs of customers, organizing the menu accordingly, and on-site management.

a cook
It cooks according to the diet and cooking process, provides delicious food through various recipes, and is responsible for kitchen management including hygiene.

In charge of logistics
It manages the entire logistics operation process from material supply and demand to product delivery, and manages the import and export of goods, inspection, and identification of special matters.

Recruitment procedures and guidance

  1. Acceptance of application form
  2. Review the application form
  3. Interview screening
  4. Health check-
  5. Final acceptance

There should be no reason for disqualification from overseas travel and no evasion of military service.
Please send your application via email to the recruiter at [email protected]
If you have any other recruitment questions, please contact the Customer Center-Customer Voice.

Daegu Catering (Shinsegae Business Trip Buffet)

Shinsegae Business Buffet celebrates its foundation, opening ceremony, regular general meeting, new construction event, completion ceremony,
Events ranging from large government events to small family parties, such as memorial and promotion celebrations, alumni associations, social gatherings, New Year’s ceremonies, year-end parties, and various exhibitions
It’s a specialized service company that prepares.
We consult and prepare high-quality events that fit your budget like housework.
Add richness and dignity to a fun and meaningful place with the service of the Shinsegae Business Buffet, which is created with taste and sincerity.
The restaurant culture center, Shinsegae’s business buffet
I always insist on the best. Thank you.

Career courses and menus

Course A

  • Braised Beef Ribs (Australian)
    Oriental Bulgogi (Australian)
    Cantonese Sweet and Sour Pork
    Korean traditional japchae
    Korean Tableware Assorted Rice Cake Set of 3 (Tongtaejeon, Pumpkinjeon, Housewarming) / Special Assorted Cutlet
    nutritious rice / fried rice
    a brothel / a dried pollack soup
  • smoked salmon and caviar
    Tuna sashimi and garnish
    Shabu Shabu webfoot octopus first time
    Shabu Shabu Squid First Time
    Fish sushi and shrimp sushi
    Five Spice King Jokbal
    smoked turkey
    a shrimp dish with lemon sauce
  • Seasoned raw fish
    Cold jellyfish salad and mustard sauce
    Meat mushroom japchae (Australian)
    Seasonal herbs / stir-fried shiitake mushrooms
    five-colored kimbap
    Kimchi for giving up
  • Combination salad and dressing sauce
    fresh seasonal fruits
    a traditional royal rice cake
    a fruit salad
    Sujeonggwa or Sikhye
    a piece of sandwich
    a piece of cake

※ Cash receipts, credit cards, and tax invoices 10% VAT are extra! However, the menu is subject to seasonal and regional changes.

Course A

Course B

  • Braised Beef Ribs (Australian)
  • Grilled eel and garnish
  • Traditional Bulgogi
  • Cantonese Sweet and Sour Pork
  • stir-fried seafood and vegetables
  • Korean Tableware Assorted Pancake Set of 3 (Dongtaejeon, Pumpkinjeon, Pancake) / Special
  • Assorted Cutlet
  • nutritious rice / white rice
  • Choose between Yukgyejang/Dried pollack soup
  • Chicken fried chicken
  • Beef meatballs
  • Traditional pumpkin porridge
  • High quality fish roe
  • smoked salmon
  • High quality tuna sashimi and garnish
  • Shabu Shabu Squid First Time
  • Fish sushi and shrimp sushi
  • Five Spice King Jokbal
  • smoked turkey
  • Fresh beef yukhoe (Australian) a shrimp dish with lemon sauce
  • Korean table d’hote
  • Cold jellyfish salad and mustard sauce
  • Meat mushroom japchae (Australian)
  • Seasonal herbs / stir-fried shiitake mushrooms
  • five-colored kimbap
  • Kimchi for giving up
  • New Year’s Song Blue curry banquet noodles
  • Combination salad and dressing sauce
  • fresh seasonal fruits a traditional royal rice cake
  • a fruit salad Sujeonggwa or Sikhye Coffee
  • Sandwich / Advanced Bakery Assorted a piece of cake
  • Mini Roll Cookie Square

※ Cash receipts, credit cards, and tax invoices 10% VAT are extra! However, the menu is subject to seasonal and regional changes.

Event information

a family event

100th day, 1st birthday party, housewarming party, engagement ceremony, reception, 60th birthday party, 70th birthday party
a buffet, party, etc
Home living room, home garden, banquet hall
  • Korean traditional shamanistic faith system to pray for the development of the company
    [Supplies] folding screen / 2 tops / rice cake / dried pollack / fruit / makgeolli / candle / mat
    (Price: \200,000)
  • 60th birthday award
    and stone statues
    We have prepared various birthday and anniversary feasts to commemorate the filial piety of our descendants at events such as the 60th birthday and Go Hee-yeon.
    We’re preparing for the first birthday party with the love of our parents.
    (Price: from \200,000)

a cultural event

Exhibition (gallery), dance presentation, concert, regular general meeting, year-end party
Tea party, party style, cocktail party
a local venue

a corporate event

Exhibition (gallery), dance presentation, concert, regular general meeting, year-end party
Tea party, party style, cocktail party
a local venue

a school event

Other events such as university festivals, welcoming parties for freshmen, private meetings, sports competitions, seminars, thesis presentation ceremonies, retirement ceremonies and inauguration ceremonies for school principals, etc
Buffet, cocktail party, tea party
Lawn, square, school auditorium, playground

a group meal

1) We invest the most in sanitation and safety facilities.
  • Protecting the health of company employees is invisible hygiene and safety
    The sector is more important.
  • To protect employees’ health based on trust,
    Stick to your basic investment.
  • It is mandatory to obtain a health worker qualification through education.

2) Competitiveness is different through zero-borrowing management.

  • Improving the welfare of nutritionists, cooks, and cooks The turnover rate of employees is the most
    Fewer companies run.
  • to buy food materials at a lower cost through cash purchases
    You can make up a rich diet.

3) We invest heavily in employee training and self-development.

  • It is a company that takes the initiative in training from the CEO.
  • 5 to 6 nutritionists and cooks linked to the course of dining out and catering professionals
    I’m retraining it.
  • We support overseas education for outstanding employees.
  • It is mandatory for employees to obtain multiple qualifications through self-improvement

4) We have KNOW-HOW of menu operation by hierarchy.

  • Through 15 years of KNOW-HOW, delicious and healthy food suitable for customer characteristics
    Operate the menu system.
  • Open a new menu operation system through four new menu presentations every year
    I’m improving my feet.
  • Computerize 4,000 different menus to make it healthier and more balanced
    It has a menu operation system.


출장 파티(Catering) 블로그

Culinary Arts College Student – Buffet and Catering Practice

Buffet and Catering Practice

Practicing mainly the food that goes out to the buffet

I even tried setting up a buffet myself twice!

This menu is cauliflower belute soup + garlic bread.

I used asparagus to give it a green color hehe.

Buffet and Catering Practice

The soup must have bread such as garlic bread or croutons.

I’m not offended!

Eggplant and Zucchini Wrapped Crayfish and Noodles & Lobster and Biscuit Emulsion with Shallot Marmalade and Red Beans

A main dish using big king prawns and

It is a main dish using lobster tail.

Served with biscuit sauce made with crustacean skin and flesh!

This biscuit sauce is my favorite sauce,,,, it was delicious

Biscuit sauce… Rich seafood flavor and taste.

The flavor is very good!!!

Herbal Shrimp in Orange Yogurt Sauce

Buffet and Catering Practice-Herb-flavored shrimp in orange yogurt sauce

It’s an appetizer menu.

It’s a bit too much for an epic hahahahaha

The large prawns look delicious too.

Black rice risotto and steamed abalone

The main menu of love and hate for me ^^,,,,

I failed while making this.

I remember struggling because black rice was too unripe

I found out that the professor’s menu was not cooked due to time constraints.

Until now, if it was a single dish

As it is a buffet and catering practice, a buffet should come out!_!

salad and soup

The professor was scolded for making too much dressing.

Shrimp Pilaf & Tomato Pasta

I was happy because I really liked tomato pasta,,,

Plenty of shrimp

Main chicken dish and hot vegetable-!

It’s a mixture of chicken thighs and chicken breasts.

The gravy sauce is also prepared separately, so if you eat it with the sauce, it’s delicious.

It’s kind of a buffet.

There is also a fruit and dessert drink corner.

The composition is clear haha

Tuna Carpaccio and Sesame Vinaigrette

I made tuna wrapped in seaweed-

Dad looked at the picture and said, “Is it Suyuk?”

I couldn’t understand where it was called Suyuk.

Mint flavored lamb ribs steak, soft potatoes and stir-fried vegetables

This is also the best menu.

I like lamb ribs, but none of them are chewy, there is no smell, and they are delicious!

I tried mint jelly for the first time today.

The smell was so sour, I thought it wouldn’t taste good, right?

The taste is different from the scent, and it tastes like sweet and cool mint candy?

They say it goes well with lamb.

It’s not bad, but it didn’t suit my taste haha

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Sweet Pumpkin and Radish and Port Wine Sauce

Till the tender steak ㅠ,,,,

I was really happy

Not sticky at all, soft and chewy

The grilling was also medium rare and it came out perfectly and it was even more delicious.

second buffet

Salad and Broccoli Cream Soup!

Also, the croutons are not to be missed in the soup.

Steak pilaf & seafood pasta

Steak Pilaf & Seafood Pasta

My friend Soitsu made the pilaf and it was so delicious that it was so popular ^__^

It was delicious!!

The pasta is also very high quality pasta with lobster, mussels and shrimp ^,^

Chop Steak & Fish & Chips & Fried Shrimp

Even the chopsteak has no meat at all and it tastes so good ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Have you seen chopsteak with peace of mind?

I couldn’t taste it.

Fish and chips too

It came with kanpung sauce and it was a perfect match.

Sweet and sour pork & grilled chicken

The sweet and sour pork is also very well made.

The chicken was also delicious.

Dessert corner not to be missed hahaha

The next practice is scheduled to go to the dispatching class during the op-plan event.

다음 실습은 오피플런 사이트 행사때 파견수업 나갈 예정입니다.

I made cheese bread and it came out with honey.

Honey is a real godsend,,,,

It matched so well and it was delicious.

출장 파티(Catering) 블로그

Box Catering

Box Catering

Box Catering_Year-end Party Food Recommendation

The restaurant that I’m going to recommend for the home party food recommendation

It’s Box Catering.

It’s been 8 years since our debut

While preparing for the year-end party for female employees last December,

It’s a company that used it.

With clean packaging and delicious food,

It’s a place with high satisfaction.

on the anniversary of the company’s foundation

All the staff sat together and enjoyed the party.

The type of boxcatering food is

It’s very diverse.

Among them, we’re going to have a high-end set menu

I ordered it.

It’s a set of 11 kinds of food.

Box Catering

This is what the food looks like on the day.

The date and quantity you want on the website

Please select it and send it to me when I pay.

A total of 20 people can eat it

I ordered some food.

  • Nacho chips with tomato sauce
  • Variety Fruit Platter
  • Whipped cream, baby shoe
  • Tomato Capreze Cup Salad
  • Cove Salad
  • Cold aglio e olio
  • Grilled Shrimp Burgesta
  • BBQ Sauce Meat Bowl
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Bacon and egg cup rice
  • Sweet Cream Cheese Canape

ordered as an additional option menu

10 bottles of non-alcoholic lime mojito

10 bottles of Florida grapefruit juice.

There are a lot of different menus, right?

We’re setting up the cake, too

It felt like a party.

Box Catering home party

Small things at the company

I ate catering food with the staff

It was a time to talk.

And as much as the amount of food you ordered,

A plate that you can take out and eat

You can note that the spoon is set together.

tongs that you can scoop up food with

It’s in the basic configuration.

You can use it separately after a party

It’s tongs, so it’s 200% usable

After the company event,

to celebrate the end of the year

Back then, we were in a box catering company

I prepared some party food.

It’s neatly set

It gives off a party vibe.

with a small year-end party food

If you’re worried,

Please refer to the link below and place an order


출장 파티(Catering) 블로그