Box Catering

Box Catering

Box Catering_Year-end Party Food Recommendation

The restaurant that I’m going to recommend for the home party food recommendation

It’s Box Catering.

It’s been 8 years since our debut

While preparing for the year-end party for female employees last December,

It’s a company that used it.

With clean packaging and delicious food,

It’s a place with high satisfaction.

on the anniversary of the company’s foundation

All the staff sat together and enjoyed the party.

The type of boxcatering food is

It’s very diverse.

Among them, we’re going to have a high-end set menu

I ordered it.

It’s a set of 11 kinds of food.

Box Catering

This is what the food looks like on the day.

The date and quantity you want on the website

Please select it and send it to me when I pay.

A total of 20 people can eat it

I ordered some food.

  • Nacho chips with tomato sauce
  • Variety Fruit Platter
  • Whipped cream, baby shoe
  • Tomato Capreze Cup Salad
  • Cove Salad
  • Cold aglio e olio
  • Grilled Shrimp Burgesta
  • BBQ Sauce Meat Bowl
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Bacon and egg cup rice
  • Sweet Cream Cheese Canape

ordered as an additional option menu

10 bottles of non-alcoholic lime mojito

10 bottles of Florida grapefruit juice.

There are a lot of different menus, right?

We’re setting up the cake, too

It felt like a party.

Box Catering home party

Small things at the company

I ate catering food with the staff

It was a time to talk.

And as much as the amount of food you ordered,

A plate that you can take out and eat

You can note that the spoon is set together.

tongs that you can scoop up food with

It’s in the basic configuration.

You can use it separately after a party

It’s tongs, so it’s 200% usable

After the company event,

to celebrate the end of the year

Back then, we were in a box catering company

I prepared some party food.

It’s neatly set

It gives off a party vibe.

with a small year-end party food

If you’re worried,

Please refer to the link below and place an order


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