Cyclists taking medications christian louboutin sandals with EPO can not get performance gain, even if they are putting their health at risk, scientists said on Thursday. In a review of the evidence, a team of European researchers has mocked the idea deeply rooted that the EPO gives an advantage cyclists.cheap cycle clothing She noted that the drug has many dangers to those who use illegal, including blood clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes. "The athletes and their medical staff believe EPO improves performance, but there is no evidence that anyone had good experiences to test whether EPO would actually improve the performance of professional cyclists," said Adam Cohen Professor at the red peep toe heels Centre for Human Drug Research in the Netherlands. EPO - erythropoietin - a hormone naturally produced by the kidneys, which can regenerate red blood cells that carry oxygen pigalle louboutin throughout the body.fleece long sleeve cycling sets A synthetic version of the hormone is approved for the treatment of patients with kidney disease to help fight anemia.
Already in 1990, the drug appeared in the list of the International Olympic Committee banned, given the suspicion that the increase in red cell mass also increases exercise capacity. EPO then swallowed professional cycling, breeding a scandal erupted this year when Lance Armstrong was deprived of his record seven Tour de France titles.
But, said the new study, there is no concrete evidence to support the belief that the EPO is as effective as trainers and team doctors believe questionable. Cohen is a professor of clinical pharmacology, based at the Centre for Human Drug Research in Leiden, the Netherlands.Womens Cycling Jerseys "Most of the research has been done on people who are not really professional cyclists," said Cohen. Has called for more tests to be done to elite athletes and better education on health risks such as high heels with red soles hot shoes blood clots that can cause a stroke or heart attack. The lack of evidence to support the EPO increase performance of elite athletes can serve as a preventive measure better than the current methods of fight against doping, said Cohen. "If we assume that Mr. X was actually a mediocre cyclist and became quite red tape shoes good just by injecting things, which seems premature," red bottom shoes said Cohen. "Once you begin to explain this to people, and it is considered on the basis of data, you're probably not ready to do this kind of thing. Then, prevention is better than trying to hunt these people their homes, extracting the urine at unexpected times, and we hope you will find something. It costs a lot of money. " Anyone want to buy cycling clothing please go to our website : www.cycling-wear.com
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