Culinary Arts College Student – Buffet and Catering Practice

Buffet and Catering Practice

Practicing mainly the food that goes out to the buffet

I even tried setting up a buffet myself twice!

This menu is cauliflower belute soup + garlic bread.

I used asparagus to give it a green color hehe.

Buffet and Catering Practice

The soup must have bread such as garlic bread or croutons.

I’m not offended!

Eggplant and Zucchini Wrapped Crayfish and Noodles & Lobster and Biscuit Emulsion with Shallot Marmalade and Red Beans

A main dish using big king prawns and

It is a main dish using lobster tail.

Served with biscuit sauce made with crustacean skin and flesh!

This biscuit sauce is my favorite sauce,,,, it was delicious

Biscuit sauce… Rich seafood flavor and taste.

The flavor is very good!!!

Herbal Shrimp in Orange Yogurt Sauce

Buffet and Catering Practice-Herb-flavored shrimp in orange yogurt sauce

It’s an appetizer menu.

It’s a bit too much for an epic hahahahaha

The large prawns look delicious too.

Black rice risotto and steamed abalone

The main menu of love and hate for me ^^,,,,

I failed while making this.

I remember struggling because black rice was too unripe

I found out that the professor’s menu was not cooked due to time constraints.

Until now, if it was a single dish

As it is a buffet and catering practice, a buffet should come out!_!

salad and soup

The professor was scolded for making too much dressing.

Shrimp Pilaf & Tomato Pasta

I was happy because I really liked tomato pasta,,,

Plenty of shrimp

Main chicken dish and hot vegetable-!

It’s a mixture of chicken thighs and chicken breasts.

The gravy sauce is also prepared separately, so if you eat it with the sauce, it’s delicious.

It’s kind of a buffet.

There is also a fruit and dessert drink corner.

The composition is clear haha

Tuna Carpaccio and Sesame Vinaigrette

I made tuna wrapped in seaweed-

Dad looked at the picture and said, “Is it Suyuk?”

I couldn’t understand where it was called Suyuk.

Mint flavored lamb ribs steak, soft potatoes and stir-fried vegetables

This is also the best menu.

I like lamb ribs, but none of them are chewy, there is no smell, and they are delicious!

I tried mint jelly for the first time today.

The smell was so sour, I thought it wouldn’t taste good, right?

The taste is different from the scent, and it tastes like sweet and cool mint candy?

They say it goes well with lamb.

It’s not bad, but it didn’t suit my taste haha

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Sweet Pumpkin and Radish and Port Wine Sauce

Till the tender steak ㅠ,,,,

I was really happy

Not sticky at all, soft and chewy

The grilling was also medium rare and it came out perfectly and it was even more delicious.

second buffet

Salad and Broccoli Cream Soup!

Also, the croutons are not to be missed in the soup.

Steak pilaf & seafood pasta

Steak Pilaf & Seafood Pasta

My friend Soitsu made the pilaf and it was so delicious that it was so popular ^__^

It was delicious!!

The pasta is also very high quality pasta with lobster, mussels and shrimp ^,^

Chop Steak & Fish & Chips & Fried Shrimp

Even the chopsteak has no meat at all and it tastes so good ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Have you seen chopsteak with peace of mind?

I couldn’t taste it.

Fish and chips too

It came with kanpung sauce and it was a perfect match.

Sweet and sour pork & grilled chicken

The sweet and sour pork is also very well made.

The chicken was also delicious.

Dessert corner not to be missed hahaha

The next practice is scheduled to go to the dispatching class during the op-plan event.

다음 실습은 오피플런 사이트 행사때 파견수업 나갈 예정입니다.

I made cheese bread and it came out with honey.

Honey is a real godsend,,,,

It matched so well and it was delicious.

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